An electronic control system for an electric action pipe organ has three significant advantages:


1††††††††† It enables the console to be connected to the pipes with a very small cable, in my system the cable has only three wires.


2††††††††† It does away with all the large multi-contact relays with their attendant cost and potential unreliability.


3††††††††† It significantly simplifies the wiring.Just one wire from our system to the action magnet regardless of extensions, couplers etc.


In our case, an additional advantage is that we use the industry standard MIDI system as the interface, which allows for the recording and replay of hymns using a sequencer.


The system requires an ENCODER at the console end and a number of DECODERS according to the requirements of the organís action.




The encoder comprises a processor board and as many scan boards as required by the keyboards and stops.


A two manual and pedal organ with 32 or less stops would require one processor board, two 64 way scan boards (swell and great) and two 32 way scan boards (stops and pedals).This would cost from £246.00.The three standard inter-manual couplers are included in this.


The following additional options are available:


Melodic Bass.This cuts off the pedals and plays the lowest note of a chord played on the great, on the pedal stops.The cost is £65.


Unison Off, Octave and Sub-Octave couplers: £50 a set per manual.


Adjustable capture piston system:£100 per system (any number of stops) plus £45 for each group of eight stops.This incorporates up to six pistons per department, six general pistons, great and pedal pistons combined switch and two separate memories.The wiring is extremely simple, being one wire per piston to the stop scan board, and two wires per stop (on & off coils) to the stop control boards.


15v/5v opto-isolator boards.Sometimes stops are made in such a way that it is not possible to wire 5v directly to the contacts.These boards enable you to use the 15v organ supply on the contacts and completely isolate the two voltages.32 way £50, 64 way £80





A unit action non extension organ will require one decoder board per rank at £200.00 each.This controls up to 64 pipes.


Unit extension organs will require the above plus an extension board controlling up to an additional 32 pipes.These boards cost £60.00 each.Power for the decoder system is derived from the main organ 15v supply.The pipe magnets MUST be wired in such a way that the common side of the magnets is +15v and they are switched to ground.


Other action systems will require variations of the above but costs will be similar.


The above costs cover the supply of the necessary printed circuit boards, ready connected to ribbon cables to wire to your own pin-boards.Alternatively complete systems can be made up, mounted on MDF panels and wired to KA cable junction strips.


I will be pleased to quote firm prices on receipt of a detailed specification.