Whilst primarily meant for use with Hauptwerk, these can also be used with any other virtual organ system, or with an expander or sound module.





These are based on the keyboard part of an old two manual organ.  The key contacts are either refurbished or replaced and wired to a midi encoder.  They are only made to order and, as such, can incorporate stop tabs, pistons etc. as required.  Prices from £350.






These are new rocker type stop tabs.  The tabs themselves were made for a home entertainment type organ so the printing on them is inappropriate (like FUNKY CEMBALO).  However, this is only printing, not engraving, and can easily be polished off.  They come either in sets of 13, 3 red, 1 black, 1 yellow and 8 white, or in sets of 4, all grey.  Each tab is about 45mm high by 18mm wide.


They are available either “as is” see upper photo, for you to wire to a midi encoder and cost £12 for the 4 way strip and £36 for the 13 way.


Alternatively, they can be supplied made up in sets, housed in a plastic box and ready wired to one of my midi encoders.  In the latter case, the printing will have been polished off.  Midi and power sockets are housed in one end of the box so no wiring is required.


The lower photo shows a ready wired set of 26 and the cost of this set would be £200.  Any size can be made up for a pro-rata cost.





These are small rocker tabs with an led built in.  When used as stop switches, they use a push on/push off action with the led lighting up when the stop is on.  If you use pistons on Hauptwerk, then the leds will also illuminate to show the stops that have been activated by the piston.  You thus have all the functionality of an electric action stop for a fraction of the price, and in a much smaller space.  Each tab is approx 17mm square and they will be available initially in strips of 8.  They will plug into a control board which will have the capacity for 8 strips.  The price of each strip of 8 will be £80 and the control board will be £148.


They will also be available programmed for use as pistons.